The HRDirector: workplace diversity attracts freelancers and contractors.

October 2, 2019 Cindy Keaveney

With the gig economy in growth mode, more employers are inviting freelancers and contractors into their workforces. This is a smart move, as it’s projected that contingent talent will encompass almost half of the U.S. workforce by 2027.

What employers need to realize about this talent is that they want many of the same things as traditional full-time hires. This is especially true when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Talent Trends data released by Randstad Sourceright shows that 72% of permanent talent and 71% of contingent talent find it important to work with a company that emphasizes creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Gig workers represent an increasingly diverse group and want to work for employers that encourage and value acceptance and community. Companies that can show how they meet the needs of all workers will have a better chance of attracting top talent.

“The demand for talent is at an all-time high, and companies need to focus on building out robust and effective diversity and inclusion strategies that attract both permanent and contingent talent,” says Cindy Keaveney, chief people officer at Randstad Sourceright.

Read more in The HRDirector to learn how to be proactive in developing the right talent strategies. You’ll also learn why companies that invest in diverse workforces perform better. Then, be sure to download Randstad Sourceright’s 2019 Talent Trends Report for the latest on actionable workforce insights.

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Cindy Keaveney

Cindy Keaveney is a leading business and human capital executive with more than 30 years of experience transforming organizations by building high-performing teams that produce profitable growth, develop industry-leading products and create corporate strategies in complex, changing environments. As the leader of Randstad Sourceright’s global HR team, Cindy ensures that the best strategies are in place to deliver a stand-out talent experience for all of our people. This encompasses driving best practices and new approaches when it comes to talent acquisition, talent management, engagement and development, and further enabling cross-cultural collaboration and talent mobilization.

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