The Economist: why your company needs an elevator pitch for talent

August 21, 2017 James Foley

According to Randstad data, employers spend an average of $500 every day on each job vacancy that remains unfilled. But with current low unemployment rates, and competition for talent increasing across industries, it can be difficult to attract the right individuals to your organization. That’s where employer brand strategy can make an impact; it can help your company stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice and keep great employees from being lured away.

James Foley, senior vice president of Employer Brand for Randstad Sourceright’s Talent Innovation Center, shares insights with The Economist on the differences between corporate and employer brand. James explains the importance of the “elevator pitch” and how companies can directly influence talent attraction and retention with a strong brand strategy.

Read the full article here, then find out how your company’s strategy measures up with our employer brand fitness test.

About the Author

James Foley

James is Global SVP, Employer Brand. Leveraging a 20-year career as an expert consultant, business executive and marketing strategist, James supports the employer brand strategy and EVP development of global and local organizations. He enjoys helping companies to develop differentiated EVP, communication and marketing approaches to attract, engage and retain top talent.

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