Las Vegas Business Press: human cloud gives organizations, workers more to cheer than fear.

October 23, 2017 JoAnne Estrada

An informative article by JoAnne Estrada, global head of contingent workforce solutions for the Randstad Sourceright Talent Innovation Center, highlights the value that the human cloud brings to the talent landscape.

Much like we have become accustomed to downloading from and sharing within the cloud, the human cloud facilitates how we communicate job opportunities real time. Hiring on-demand will become a reality that enables greater agility and efficiency in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Companies will have access to the right talent at the right time, with an ever-growing pool of freelancers and independent contractors ready to get to work. The human cloud takes crowdsourcing of talent to the next level, presenting an opportunity for forward-thinking companies to revolutionize the world of work.

Access the full article for a closer look at what’s waiting in the human cloud.

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JoAnne  Estrada

JoAnne Estrada is global head of Contingent Workforce Solutions for Randstad Sourceright's Talent Innovation Center. in this role, she leads the development and growth of Randstad Sourceright’s strategy and solutions for services provided through our managed services programs (MSP) and total talent solutions. During her over 20-year career, she has played a key role in helping companies maximize their freelance management and human cloud platform technologies; implementing MSP strategies; applying vendor management systems (VMS); leading supplier management strategies; and ensuring effective program implementation, operations and continuous improvement.

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