HR Dive: are your job candidates ghosting you?

August 13, 2018 Jim Stroud

If you’re in the HR industry, you’ve definitely heard about the poor candidate experience that job seekers often face: job applications that fall into a black hole, interviews that go nowhere, and lack of recruiter communication that leaves the candidate hanging. But, as the job market gets tighter, some recruiters find it’s HR that’s getting ghosted.

Ghosting is becoming more common among disengaged candidates – not replying to recruiter contacts, missing interviews, and even skipping the first day at work after being hired. Bad manners aside — whatever the cause — this is a real issue for HR teams, who are now wasting valuable resources and time on candidates who are just not that into their companies.

How are recruiters dealing with this challenge? Some are double-booking interviews and front-loading to have more candidates at the ready should other applicants disappear. Others are letting candidates know that forthright communication is both expected and appreciated. Some companies are also warning against ghosting with the consequence of being dropped from consideration entirely.

Randstad Sourceright global head of sourcing and recruiting strategies, Jim Stroud, shares insights with HR Dive:

"Create a workplace culture of transparency and communication by personally speaking to each person that was interviewed and/or sending a handwritten note. Such things will reach social media, reflect well on your employer brand and make it easier to attract people who will show up for work."

See the whole article to find out why candidate communication is now more important than ever. Then, take a look at Randstad Sourceright’s Talent Trends Quarterly on creating a positive talent experience to find out how employers are keeping candidates engaged.


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