BenefitsPRO: managed services programs not just for large businesses anymore.

June 19, 2018 Alp Perahya

Mid-sized companies seeking a total talent approach might be surprised to learn that not only are managed services programs (MSP) available, but that they can also be implemented quickly. In fact, according to Alp Perahya, executive vice president of Randstad Sourceright, North America, “it is possible to apply a forward-thinking approach without the deep pockets or resources of a global enterprise.”

An integrated MSP can simplify talent management by providing a single point of contact for permanent, contingent, freelance and contractor talent. “By putting every source of available talent under one total talent umbrella, an organization can address needs from a candidate pool that includes all available workers,” Perahya writes in a recent white paper.



Companies seeking faster hires, greater access to top-quality talent, and improved visibility and cost control will find that an integrated MSP can be an effective solution. This is particularly true for companies that need a high level of scalability and want to be well positioned to compete for workers in a talent-scarce market.

You can access the entire article here and read Perahya’s white paper to delve deeper into the business advantages of an integrated MSP and to learn how you can improve access to talent.

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Alp Perahya

Alp Perahya is president, integrated managed services programs (MSP) for mid-sized companies, globally. With best-in-class fulfillment and supply chain practices, configurable VMS technologies and Randstad Sourceright’s own proprietary analytics platform, Perahya and the integrated MSP team deliver the talent and meaningful business intelligence clients need to achieve sustainable long-term growth and cost savings. With a career spanning more than 18 years at Randstad, Perahya’s responsibilities have included strategic visioning, field leadership, client delivery, and product integrity and execution.

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