taking advantage of the mobile workforce

January 30, 2015 Doug Edmonds

With talent scarcity a growing challenge for organizations around the world, talent mobility is at an all-time high.

As a result, companies globally are looking more towards redeployment and mobility of its workforce to achieve higher productivity and efficiency through a structured approach. According to a survey conducted by Weichert Relocation Resources, 90% of companies expect their relocation volumes to either increase or hold steady. A separate PwC study estimates a 50% growth in mobile employees by 2020. This is in addition to the 25% growth seen in the past decade.

Mobility is increasingly used as a talent engagement idea, especially in developing countries. Assignments in different geographies can be a motivator for employees to develop their skills profile and improve their career trajectories. Their employers also win because it enables them to use resources more effectively, while also benefiting from employees gaining new skills and experiences across different cultures and operations.

Doug Edmonds - Randstad Sourceright 2015 Talent Trends Report.

5 tips for taking advantage of the mobile workforce

  1. talent map your organization: Do you know who in your organization is open to international career opportunities? Identifying your future talent needs and having a plan in place to help fill critical roles quickly will keep your organization agile.

  2. tap into the global talent market: If finding the talent you require is increasingly difficult, consider sourcing from around the world. Today’s market is more global than ever.

  3. mind the regulatory requirements: Relocating employees, especially internationally, can be fraught with compliance hurdles. Make sure your organization is aware of the legal mandates before moving talent around, and support your employees to understand changes in remuneration structure, tax, and other benefits.

  4. understand the value of your workers: Make sure you remain current to the market value of the skillset you need and have. In today’s environment, you must offer competitive rewards and compensation to avoid losing talent to competitors.

  5. consider mobility as a carrot: Incentivize workers by using mobility as a path towards furthering their career. Whether it’s an international relocation, new project or just a change in offices, keeping great talent moving forward is an effective  engagement tool.

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About the Randstad Sourceright 2015 Talent Trends Report:

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