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May 20, 2020

How to manage spikes in hiring demand due to the coronavirus pandemic


Rapid market changes. Social distancing. Surging demand for talent to meet business requirements for essential or specialized roles. Some organizations are racing to keep up with customer demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will you quickly deliver the talent your company needs right now, all while ensuring a positive experience? Adding virtual recruiting resources for your new hiring projects can provide greater agility and help you speed up recruitment. 


Just-in-time recruitment support

Right now, your talent acquisition function likely faces two major challenges: hiring the right people for essential roles quickly, and/or doing it completely online. 


Project-based recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can give you access to the extra sourcing, screening, recruiting and onboarding support in a matter of days or weeks. Our team is already equipped with the technology you need to engage and hire talent online, due to social distancing requirements. 


Through project RPO, highly trained sourcing, screening and recruiting experts are ready to work with your hiring managers, talent leaders and candidates on volume hiring and hard-to-fill recruitment projects.


How project RPO works

Recruitment process outsourcing supports part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring through a set of external recruitment resources. Offering process excellence, scalability, cost savings, a technology stack and predictive talent analytics, RPO delivers access to critical talent quickly using innovative methods, proven technologies and market insights.


When you need to quickly scale up your recruitment efforts to support a business initiative, project RPO is an effective solution. Project RPO delivers all the same benefits of an end-to-end RPO model, but has clearly defined timelines and end goals. We deploy sophisticated recruitment marketing techniques to expand reach.


What’s in our tech stack

All of our recruiters can access Randstad’s COVID-19 digital toolkit for challenging times, which incorporates a range of rapidly deployed, free and cost-minimized solutions — from video interviewing, automated reference checking and online assessments to talent pooling tech, virtual onboarding and more — to help companies and employees get back to work. This initiative brings together our experts with leading technology to help you:

  • virtualize the workplace and hiring process
  • get rapid answers to your most pressing workforce challenges
  • transition displaced talent
  • receive just-in-time consultative support 

Project RPO in action: a high-volume hiring project

One client recently staffed 700 call center positions across various locations in just five months using project RPO. 

To help deliver on this request, and ensure those roles were filled with high-quality talent and on time, Randstad Sourceright’s recruiting professionals managed the entire project — from strategic sourcing and talent attraction to delivering hiring confirmations and verbal offers.


The innovative sourcing processes attracted more than 6,500 candidates nationwide. As a result, the employer had a massive talent pool from which it selected its newest call center and customer service employees. With a robust recruitment strategy that was quickly adapted to other regions, the employer realized a 100% fill rate for all 700 roles, delivered on time. 


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