HRO Today: how AI is shaping the workplace.

June 29, 2018 Jason Roberts

Self-driving cars. Digital assistants. Chatbots. The future is now, and some of us are eager to embrace it. Others, however, have a dystopian image of tomorrow, where artificial intelligence (AI) replaces workers and leaves us without purpose. Thankfully, Randstad Sourceright’s global head of Technology and Analytics Jason Roberts is here to remind us that machines have always been part of human advancement and improved labor productivity.

“In the First Industrial Revolution, people were worried about steam machines replacing their work. I think that we have some of that same fear in our world today,” Roberts says. “But what’s happened in our history is that new jobs have emerged to replace the old jobs. So, the optimist in me says that this will ultimately happen and we will enter a greater age of productivity for human beings.”

One area that is seeing a huge surge in AI and automation is the human resources space. New technologies are emerging to replace time-consuming work, freeing up HR professionals to do the all-important jobs of building candidate relationships and optimizing the employee experience. Intelligent HR solutions can be used for candidate screening and interview self-scheduling, as well as for more complex tasks, like targeting internal recruits and managing a contingent workforce.

Whether you’re excited about the future or have some trepidation, this article is a fascinating read. Then, have a look at Randstad Sourceright’s new Talent Velocity platform, to see how humans and technology are working together to accelerate recruitment.

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