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August 1, 2018 Jason Roberts

A recent interview with Randstad Sourceright global Head of Technology and Analytics, Jason Roberts, uncovered actionable insights that companies can benefit from now. One of these is simply to know where HR’s focus should lie and how to leverage supporting technologies.

“What CHROs should be focused on is attracting high-quality candidates,” said Roberts. “Data analytics can identify the attributes of a company’s top performers. Then, advanced matching and screening tools – like the AI toolset we employ – can quickly identify and engage candidates with these attributes.”

The goal is to use automation and machine learning to facilitate HR processes and decision-making, while allowing humans to do what they do best: building relationships, engaging with talent and connecting with existing employees. AI can improve effectiveness but cannot take the place of emotional intelligence.

Roberts likens the use of AI by HR with an unexpected analogy. “It’s like Iron Man, where the humans who get the power of these tools become far more powerful and productive. The suit (AI) will still need a pilot (HR).”

Read Jason’s interview with HR Technologist here. And then watch an example workflow of how smart technologies are making recruiters more powerful in our Talent Velocity integrated recruitment technology stack video.

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