how can you gain greater value from your RPO?

May 7, 2016

As economic activity keeps pace in most markets and the complexity around talent acquisition grows, HR leaders are under more pressure than ever to help business leaders win the best talent. 

Recruiters are now some of the hottest professionals in demand and, as a result, many organizations see outsourced solutions such as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as the answer to sustainable talent supply — with strategic business partners who have the capability to continuously invest in recruitment talent and innovation.

One of the reasons for the strong interest is that organizations are taking a hard look at how well their existing processes can address talent challenges today — and most importantly, for the future. The RPO approach helps companies by:

  • delivering innovative talent sourcing methodologies
  • driving technology innovation for smarter, better and faster access to top talent
  • standardizing processes and practices across geographies
  • driving integration and visibility across the enterprise
  • providing greater flexibility to meet hiring volumes
  • gaining better economies of scale

Our 2016 Talent Trends Survey revealed 82% of all HR leaders believe talent scarcity has negatively impacted their businesses. This is further evidence that many companies may not have adequate internal resources to find and hire the talent they need.

5 tips for gaining greater value from RPO

1. Think outside the box: If you don’t have an RPO in place, is it time to consider the strategic benefits it can deliver? If you do, you may have clearly defined the role an RPO plays in your talent acquisition strategy, but are there ways to expand the relationship to solve challenges you face and create a greater business impact?

2. Consult with your provider: Today’s RPO leaders have developed solutions that are much more sophisticated than those available just a few years ago. Often, customers aren’t even aware of all the services and expertise they have to offer. Regularly consult with your provider to learn about their full suite.

3. It’s not about cost but value: RPO buyers in the past outsourced strictly for cost savings. Today the focus is on value creation. A low-cost bidder may offer the cheapest program, but can they provide employer branding expertise, predictive workforce intelligence, or technology integration? Look for solutions that deliver the best value — ultimately cost savings will follow.

4. Expand the reach: One of the easiest ways to gain additional value is to expand an existing RPO program to new businesses and geographies. Consider how your organization can benefit from such a move.

5. Learn from peers: HR leaders often share their RPO success stories with peers. Make sure you follow industry publications and groups to learn about innovations that will drive even greater value in your program.


For more information on how RPO will drive business agility and impact, download our RPO Playbook



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