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February 12, 2015 Jennifer Klimas


As markets around the world continue to embrace mobile technology, businesses are trying to keep pace. According to IDC, this year more US consumers will access the Internet via mobile devices than through PCs.

For example, in online retail, the conversion rate for smartphone shoppers on mobile-optimized sites is 160% higher than for smartphone shoppers on non-optimized sites14. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how optimized career portals are likely to be more successful than non-optimized sites.

Mobile technology provides jobseekers and recruiters convenient, on-the-go access to opportunities and candidates. Mobile-friendly sites often simplify the process by allowing users to select “like” buttons that instantly alert hiring managers, who can keep candidates engaged by responding to them quickly. This convenience also enhances the applicant experience and their perception of the employer brand. Studies by Jobvite show that 37% of Millennial jobseekers expect career websites to be optimized for mobile.

5 tips for implementing best practices in mobile optimization

    1. identify the users: Younger users are more likely to access careers portals through mobile technology. By knowing who are the mobile users of your portal, you can better design and develop relevant content.
  2. don’t forget your social presence: To complement your mobile approach, review your brand and messaging in social channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

3. simpler is better: Mobile users have less time and attention than those accessing your career portal through a desktop. When optimizing for mobile, make sure candidates can navigate and interact quickly with your site, and consider a short but effective application process to maximize conversions.

  4. mind the bandwidth: While it’s great to build a highly robust career portal offering a wide array of functionality, keep in mind mobile users operate on limited bandwidth so minimize uploads and downloads.
  5. a living program: Because technology evolves quickly, continuously monitor and assess your efforts to drive a stand-out candidate experience.

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