white paper: the evolving model of MSP and total talent partnership.

what are integrated managed services programs?

A talent strategy gaining attention among companies is a variation of the managed services program (MSP). For organizations that fit certain profiles in size, industry and internal structure, this model provides a dedicated service team, often located onsite, combined with total talent coverage that can help employers better compete in a changing talent landscape. This total talent version of MSP is an ideal approach for many organizations, including both large- and mid-sized companies that otherwise may not have the resources to evolve their talent capability. The program team not only provides a total talent strategy, but it leverages technology, employer branding and expert resources not readily available internally.

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About the Author

Alp Perahya

Alp Perahya is president, integrated managed services programs (MSP) for mid-sized companies, globally. With best-in-class fulfillment and supply chain practices, configurable VMS technologies and Randstad Sourceright’s own proprietary analytics platform, Perahya and the integrated MSP team deliver the talent and meaningful business intelligence clients need to achieve sustainable long-term growth and cost savings. With a career spanning more than 18 years at Randstad, Perahya’s responsibilities have included strategic visioning, field leadership, client delivery, and product integrity and execution.

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