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re-imagine services procurement and SOW management

July 20, 2022

are you confident your company is achieving the best possible value on people-based services?

According to Ardent Partners, 70% of business leaders believe that natural inertia is the number one reason for avoiding transformation of people-based services procurement. But businesses have the chance to unlock such greater value when they create scalable, repeatable, data-driven, outcomes-based programs.

This white paper from Ardent Partners and Randstad Sourceright unveils a dynamic four-layer framework you can use to re-imagine services procurement and SOW management while maximizing productivity, visibility and, most importantly, enhancing the link between services and getting work done. 

You’ll learn why services procurement requires a future of work and business-first focus, and why you should measure the success of SOW management by ROI, not cost savings. Read on to find out what strategies can help you be 94% more likely to access advanced analytics for workforce planning, and 84% more likely to have advanced project management capabilities in place.

ready to learn more about SOW management?

After you’ve read the white paper, dive deeper with the on-demand webinar, “Re-imagining services procurement for a $5 trillion global marketplace.”

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Randstad Sourceright named 'Market Leader' by Ardent Partners in 2022 MSP Solution Advisor Report.
Randstad Sourceright named 'Market Leader' by Ardent Partners in 2022 MSP Solution Advisor Report.

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