ABSL: 2020 talent trends in Poland

July 6, 2020

Operating post-pandemic: opportunities and uncertainty ahead for Poland’s employers

With 338,000 people employed in more than 1,500 centers, the business services sector accounts for 3.0-3.5% of Poland’s GDP. As foreign capital generates 82% of the jobs in 970 centers established by investors from 43 different countries, the sector remains quite sensitive to strong macroeconomic shocks and the global economic situation.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and a potential global economic downturn, what opportunities and challenges does the sector face? What does the near future of Poland’s labor market look like? How should employers adapt their talent strategies to adjust to changing business needs in the months ahead?

These are some of the questions explored in a new report prepared by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), in cooperation with several partners, including Randstad Polska and Randstad Sourceright.

Read the ABSL report, “Business Service Sector in Poland 2020,” to get insights on the opportunities and challenges employers in Poland face in a post COVID-19 world. Find out how organizations can build an agile workforce and use strategies such as talent analytics, employer branding and reskilling to stay ahead of the competition.

You can also visit Randstad Sourceright’s talent continuity & COVID-19 Insights stream for more resources on driving business recovery post-pandemic.

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