MSP series: expanding your managed services program.

July 19, 2018

A managed services program (MSP) can deliver many benefits to your growing contingent workforce, and a truly successful program can continue to generate new value for your organization. For instance, if you implement a solution in one market or business unit, you may want to duplicate the same positive results across the enterprise. In fact, expansion is a natural part of the MSP process, with many talent leaders often expanding either the scope of services, geographical footprint, work arrangements or business lines.

Read this final installment of our five-part MSP series to learn ways that companies continue getting greater value from and drive business results with their contingent workforce programs. Whether you're adding business lines, embarking on a global MSP journey, or evolving your program into a total talent strategy, find out what steps you should take to drive innovation and set your MSP expansion up for success. 

what you need to know about managed services programs.

Check out the the full MSP series below for insights on the benefits, how to build a business case, change management best practices or how to best work with your service provider. You can also download the MSP playbook for additional details, tips, case studies and more.

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MSP series: how to work with your managed services provider for the best results.

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