MSP series: building a business case for MSP.

April 25, 2018

Companies today are faced with discovering how they can optimize their contingent workforce strategies to drive business value. They must consider how to best incorporate independents, contractors and other types of workers in a holistic approach to workforce management. They are also tasked with understanding complexities of compliance and the technological competencies needed to effectively source, deploy and track workers in their organizations.

That's why so many organizations are turning to managed services programs (MSP). The benefits are numerous, and adopters who initially sought to solve one particular problem often discover that their MSP also enhances practices elsewhere in the business. Read on to find out how you can define your company's need and build a business case.

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Check out the the full MSP series below for insights on the benefits, change management best practices, working with your MSP provider for the best results, or expanding your program. You can also download the MSP playbook for additional details, tips, case studies and more.

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MSP series: expanding your managed services program.
MSP series: expanding your managed services program.

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