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August 18, 2020

 What makes a 'good' talent solutions partnership a 'great' partnership? Cisco and Randstad share relationship management secrets.

What factors should you consider when selecting new talent solution partners? How do you ensure that your cultures align? And what steps can you take to build the trust and transparency that drive greater innovation long terms?

Join host Tania De Decker for a candid conversation with Cisco’s Jason Phillips and Randstad vice president of Strategic Global Accounts, Amy Laymon to learn how great partner relationships are built. Learn what strategies and actions can develop the transparency needed for calculated risk taking and how to ensure that both teams have everyone’s best interests at the forefront. Get tips for selecting new partners and fostering trust long term to get the most out of your talent solutions. 

“That trust quotient just cannot be underestimated … At the end of the day, everyone’s trying to do what’s best for Cisco. That trust quotient is critically, critically, critically important, and I am just shocked at how many leaders don’t get that.”
— Jason Phillips, senior vice president of People Experiences at Cisco.

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