3 misconceptions about services procurement success | SIG 2021 Global Executive Summit

December 20, 2021

statement of work (SOW) services procurement is unlike any other buying activity

You’re not buying a widget. You’re contracting for human capital. People with a pulse, perspective, voice, and a real potential for risk. This is what strategic workforce planning means. Having HR leadership in the room during program design and contract negotiation can help eliminate potential roadblocks before they occur.

Of course, cost savings is often top of mind for companies when they embark on a formal SOW services procurement strategy. But minimizing risk should also play a role, as should visibility. Being able to account for every non-employee is essential for compliance with labor laws — including vaccination mandates (in some instances) — and more. Can you ensure that your SOW solution is aligned with all of your needs and goals?

At the Sourcing Industry Group 2021 Global Executive Summit, Kristen Mussman, senior director of HR, Contingent Talent Management at Kaiser Permanente shares SOW management best practices, what role technology plays, and how the company drives change management for internal stakeholders and suppliers.

watch to learn:

#1 the benefits of strong SOW management, beyond cost savings
#2 how to identify stakeholders and how to engage those individuals
#3 about the role technology plays in SOW management practices 

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