talent trailblazer tv: how to implement a total talent strategy.

October 8, 2018 James Stovall

HR tech infrastructure, talent analytics, collaboration

What elements do you need in place to ensure the short- and long-term success of your total talent strategy? How can HR and procurement teams collaborate to get the best results? Randstad senior vice president of solution design, James Stovall joins us for the next episode of Talent Trailblazer TV to share insights. 

Watch now to learn HR technology, data and a collaborative approach combine to provide a strong foundation for your total talent acquisition model. 

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Watch "talent trailblazer tv: what is total talent strategy?" where James shares insights on the drivers and benefits of holistic workforce planning. For a deeper dive on how these integrated talent solutions work, tips on getting started and examples of how other companies are benefiting, request a copy of our Playbook now.


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About the Author

James Stovall

James Stovall is the Sr. Vice President of Solution Design for Randstad Sourceright, managing the development of solutions that help companies around the world address their most pressing talent challenges. James and his team develop integrated solutions to optimize and execute their talent acquisition strategies across all worker types, from full-time employees to the contingent workforce. Beyond solution design, James also serves as an advisor to clients as they develop their overall talent strategies. Previously, James was a Deloitte Human Capital consultant for almost a decade and later spent almost three years with Home Depot helping transform its recruiting strategy, processes and technology. James has a degree in computer science from Georgia Tech, where he now sits on the Alumni Board of Trustees. James uses an analytical data driven approach to help companies identify human capital opportunities.

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