Staffing Stream: access to niche skills will determine tomorrow’s winners.

May 9, 2019 Michael Smith

What will jobs look in the next decade? Are you prepared for occupations that haven’t even been invented yet? If you’re not already, will you be hiring for chatbot writing skills, cryptocurrency knowledge or virtual reality talent?
Those are the questions facing human capital leaders as businesses begin to see a shift in niche skills as determined by new technologies. This trend is one of many reasons strategic workforce planning and talent acquisition are critical for long-term success. And Randstad Sourceright’s 2019 Talent Trends research finds that 57% of talent leaders are increasing their budgets for talent pipelines and succession planning this year in order to build for the future.
In Staffing Industry Analysts’ Staffing Stream, Michael Smith, Randstad Sourceright managing director of EMEA, urges companies to think ahead to keep up with the acceleration of technology and skills demand. But, how can talent leaders develop a steady road map for sourcing still-emerging skills and creating an employer brand that attracts niche talent?
To help with this difficult task, Smith lays out five strategies you can use to determine future needs and curate a pipeline of specialists for the new work that lies ahead. 

You can read these tips in Staffing Stream. Then, be sure to download your copy of the latest Talent Trends Quarterly report, “get ahead of the rising expectations of talent,” to learn about talent’s views on AI and its impact on the future of work.

About the Author

Michael Smith

Michael (managing director, EMEA) brings to Randstad Sourceright 13 years of experience across various operational and leadership roles for Randstad in Australia and Asia, working with teams across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to create market winning positions. Moving to Amsterdam to lead our operations in Europe, Michael is well-known as an active driver of Randstad’s “tech & touch” strategy to drive customer engagement and business outcomes.

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