pandemic may make remote work, other perks permanent.

February 17, 2021

Companies around the world were forced to pivot upon the emergence of COVID-19, with many shifting to remote working to keep employees safe while continuing business operations. After almost a year of work-from-home arrangements, many employers, even those who were previously skeptical, have come to find the value in this approach.

According to the new 2021 Talent Trends report from Randstad Sourceright, 80% of human capital leaders say that a remote working policy will be part of their future business models. The majority (64%) also feel that flexible working options have quickly become a must-have when seeking to recruit top talent in today’s marketplace. Employers will also likely offer other perks — such as wellness programs and inclusive, family-friendly workplaces — to compete for skilled workers.

Catering to the needs of in-demand candidates is a smart strategy for companies seeking to close the skills gap. Forty percent (40%) of leaders say that talent scarcity is having a negative impact on their business — the highest percentage Randstad Sourceright has recorded in the last five years.

See the full article in Value Penguin to learn more about today’s new ways of working. You can also get your exclusive copy of the 2021 Talent Trends Report, “Rewrite your talent strategy playbook during extraordinary times,” for more insights on enhancing talent attraction.

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