Forbes: why happiness at work matters

May 5, 2022 Rebecca Henderson

No doubt you’ve already experienced that the demands and needs of your employees and candidates have changed since the pandemic. Money is important, but so is flexibility, along with an inclusive and empowering culture where learning is valued. 

While all companies cannot be everything to all people, employers need to deliver positive workplace experiences if they want to attract and retain great people. Especially as the stigma of leaving an unfulfilling job has been erased. According to the most recent Randstad Workmonitor research, 56% of Gen Z and millennials say they would quit a job that prevented them from being happy.

“The pandemic brought about a new social contract between companies and their employees,” writes Rebecca Henderson, executive board member and CEO of global businesses for Randstad. “The work-from-home phenomenon helped many realize that flexible schedules and virtual offices could give their people the kind of job satisfaction and balance they probably didn’t realize they were missing before.” 

From flexibility, to purpose to empathy, there are many ways that employers can foster that happiness.  “Empathetic organizations that prioritize the personal needs and experiences of their workers are much more likely to attract and retain great people,” confirms Henderson.

Learn more about people’s expectations and how employers can more effectively meet them in Forbes. You can also access the full Randstad Workmonitor Report data to help build your case for a happier workplace. 

About the Author

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is CEO of Randstad Global Businesses and executive board member of Randstad. In this core leadership role, Rebecca brings more than 20 years of experience in all facets of talent acquisition solutions and technology. With deep insights and progressive perspectives, Rebecca steers Randstad Global Business’ development to ensure human capital leaders can play a strategic role in driving growth locally, across regions and globally. Rebecca is a highly regarded leader in the talent management field and has been recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts in “The Global Power 100 Hall of Fame.”

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