diversity & inclusion at work: it’s what talent expects | Talent Navigator webinar.

July 11, 2019

Learn why 72% of the working professionals we surveyed say they want to work in diverse and inclusive workplaces.

In this 60-minute Q&A with Cindy Keaveney, our chief people officer, and Audra Jenkins, Randstad US chief diversity and inclusion officer, you'll learn how to meet and exceed the rising expectations of talent. Hear about the strategies Jenkins uses to drive a DiversityInc Top 30 award-winning diversity and inclusion program that delivers results.

what you’ll learn:

#1 what working professionals and employers say about the value of diversity and inclusion across the world

#2 how Randstad builds a diverse and inclusive workplace for our talent, as recognized by DiversityInc

#3 tips for expanding your talent pool, strengthening employer brand, closing the skills gap and attracting the people your company needs

After watching, request your copy of our Q2 2019 issue of Talent Trends Quarterly for the latest research on talent expectations. Discover what working professionals find most attractive in a potential employer, what they say about AI and reskilling, how they feel about diversity and inclusion at work, and which technologies impact candidate experience most. 

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