the 2023 business health index.

February 20, 2023

Find out which markets are most optimistic about the year ahead. Where does your market rank?

The Talent Trends Business Health Index shows the views of human capital and C-suite leaders in 18 markets based on four factors: reported growth in the last year, reported hiring in the last year, leaders’ views on the current political environment, and whether they expect their business to grow significantly in the next year.

Since 2016, our Talent Trends research has collected more than 6,256 responses on these factors. This feedback is normalized and used to determine the business health outlook both globally and locally, providing a basis for comparison.

A score of 100 is the baseline global average set in 2016. An indexed value of 80 or lower indicates the market is less optimistic, whereas a score of 120 or higher suggests the market is more optimistic about the year ahead. The sentiments represented in our 2023 Business Health Index were measured in early Q4 2022, and high market volatility may have impacted expectations since then.

Based on the existing data, this year, scores are similar to pre-pandemic levels. While in 2021, we observed growing optimism in 12 out of 17 markets, last year, those levels dropped significantly in 11 markets. The 2023 data suggests tempered optimism, with most markets scoring above the baseline of 100. Markets such as Poland, Japan, the U.S. and Brazil report growing optimism. While Belgium ranks second on this year’s list, its score has dropped significantly since last year, moving from 172 to 136. Other markets with significant drops include Germany and India.

2023 Business Health Index - Talent Trends - Randstad Enterprise

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