Inc.: 9 out of 10 workers are looking to change jobs.

August 16, 2021 Mike Smith

An economic recovery in full swing. Record-setting highs in the stock market. Decreasing unemployment with millions of jobs available. That’s America in summer 2021, creating the perfect climate for workers.

According to research from Monster Worldwide, a Randstad company, 95% of workers are considering new opportunities. Most who say they are ready to quit and move on cite burnout (32%) and lack of career growth (29%) for reasons they are looking out.

What are they looking for instead? In a word: flexibility. That means remote work options, hybrid workplaces, and flexible hours and schedules. It’s not just white-collar employees either. Blue-collar employees want similar opportunities to work around their other priorities at home and school.

Mike Smith, global CEO of Randstad Sourceright, sums it up. “There is a clear move toward a more flexible approach to talent, while still maintaining key expertise and skills within the permanent workforce,” he says. “Striking such a balance is the key to a more agile workforce.”

Employers that can offer what today’s workers want will end up on top, especially those that listen to their current workforce and strive to retain top talent.

Read the full article in Inc. to learn more about the “great resignation” and why workers are optimistic about creating a better future for themselves. You can also get your exclusive copy of the Q2 issue of Talent Trends Quarterly, “The rise of the agile workforce,” for insights on building an agile workforce and more.

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Mike Smith

With a 16-year career at Randstad, Mike Smith brings a wealth of experience in the talent acquisition industry to his role as Randstad Sourceright global CEO. Smith joined Randstad in January 2005 as a graduate recruitment executive and has since held various operational and leadership roles for Randstad including managing Randstad’s business operations in Australia, managing director for Southeast Asia, CEO of Randstad UK and managing director of Randstad Sourceright in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. An active driver of Randstad’s “tech and touch” strategy, in his role as CEO, Smith continues to elevate Randstad Sourceright's customer value propositions, seek out ongoing areas for differentiation and embed change through investment in business transformation technology.

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