Fortune: companies offer online courses, but do employees benefit?

March 29, 2022 Mike Smith

More companies are investing in online learning platforms for their employees. It can be an efficient way to onboard and train new hires, provide ongoing skills development, and develop high-potential leaders. But do these courses actually lead to career growth and mobility?

Mike Smith, global CEO of Randstad Sourceright, doesn’t believe that self-paced online courses are currently having a meaningful impact. “There will come a time, and we’re seeing that evolve,” he says.

For the time being, Smith advocates for development programs, certification classes and advanced degree studies that combine hands-on experience and classroom time over the course of several months, or years. He states that employers should offer more formalized training that can provide their people the opportunity to get to the next level in their career.

“Your propensity to be able to increase your seniority or improve your chances of moving either within your organization or another organization externally, is directly correlated to the length and time that you’re putting into that particular training,” he explains.

You can learn more about the growth and outcomes of online training in Fortune. Then download Randstad Sourceright’s 2022 Talent Trends Report for more insights on the new world of work.

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Mike Smith

As chief executive of Randstad Enterprise, Mike Smith intentionally drives a culture of innovation and collaboration across our Enterprise businesses to build long-term client relationships with the world’s largest corporations. He consistently brings Randstad's “tech and touch” thinking to client conversations to solve complex talent challenges and create sustainable business value and agility.

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