Fast Company: 5 skills to expand your job prospects after coronavirus.

May 4, 2020 Wesley Connor

The COVID-19 pandemic is, unfortunately, causing major workforce and economic disruption. Workers with additional down time and those seeking new roles should take the opportunity to upskill themselves to add value and increase their chances of landing a new job when the economy recovers. 

“Even before the crisis, the world of work was undergoing a ‘digital transformation,’ in which technologies, like automation and artificial intelligence, were changing the way people work and the skills necessary to do their jobs,” writes Wesley Connor, vice president of global learning and development for Randstad Enterprise Group. “Proactively utilizing online courses to acquire new skill sets … could make a dramatic difference in post-pandemic abilities to return to work or start a new career.”

What are the five skills that Connor recommends workers to upskill or reskill themselves in? Read the full article in Fast Company to find out and to learn more about these top in-demand skills. 

Then find out how to help your team acquire new digital skills quickly in Connor’s article, “Upskilling in a hurry.” 


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