make smarter workforce and business decisions with talent intelligence.

September 11, 2023

With growing economic uncertainty, dynamic market conditions and business priorities that change rapidly how can you gain a hiring advantage?

It all comes down to data and insights. From where to source talent, competitive compensation rates by industry and position, and insights on how to improve diversity, to understanding the talent already in your organization and how they can be mobilized for new roles, data is what sets your talent strategy apart.

But the overwhelming amount of data won’t mean much without analysis. Understanding what information is most important, and putting it in context with external market intel, is crucial to moving from info to action. With hundreds of data professionals globally, our people analytics and market intelligence teams draw on their direct experiences, as well as data integrity, engineering and monitoring expertise, to illuminate trends that impact your workforce decisions.

We do this in compliance with local regulations, and aligned with data ethics, privacy and security standards. We don’t just give you numbers. You get actionable insights, expert advice, and proven best practices to use data intelligently. The result? Your business will be well positioned to attract high-demand talent, predict future needs, and skill and retain your best people.

Watch to learn how TalentRadar, our proprietary people analytics platform; Randstad Market Insights, our exclusive market intelligence platform; and advanced market research from our Intelligence team come together to help you cut through the noise, clear a path toward your talent goals, and get ahead of the competition to make smarter decisions about your workforce and your business.

Unlock the power of people analytics and market intelligence for your business.

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