TechTarget: how are recruitment and talent acquisition different?

March 17, 2021

The terms “recruitment” and “talent acquisition” are often used interchangeably. But they are actually two different things that are both essential to the talent management process. The easiest way to understand the distinction is to know that “recruitment” is just one piece of a “talent acquisition” strategy.

Recruitment is reactive and linear, with a specific near-term goal. It’s a short-term strategy to fill key roles that starts with a job description and ends with a successful hire. When the hire is made, recruitment ceases.

On the other hand, talent acquisition is proactive and continuous. It requires an overarching strategy that includes the recruitment process. It also includes employer branding, internal mobility, candidate relationship management, and diversity and inclusion. The goal is to build a longer-term talent pipeline.

Data from Randstad Sourceright’s 2021 Talent Trends Report show that 40% of HR leaders are struggling to find talent – even during this time of high unemployment. A thoughtful, agile and empowering talent acquisition strategy can help.

Read more about the differences between recruitment and talent acquisition in TechTarget. You can also get your exclusive copy of the 2021 Talent Trends Report, “Rewrite your talent strategy playbook during extraordinary times,” for more insights that will help you build an impactful talent acquisition strategy.

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