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December 10, 2020

Emily Wilson, Recruitment Marketing specialist for the Australia-New Zealand area

Emily Wilson Randstad SourcerightWhat I love about Randstad Sourceright is that I have never heard anyone in the organisation say, “that's outside my scope.” Everyone is always ready to pitch in and support you or connect you with someone who can.

a work day with Emily

I’ve been at Randstad Sourceright since January 2020 as a Recruitment Marketing specialist for the Australia-New Zealand region. I connect client and operational needs with our portfolio of Randstad Sourceright talent marketing solutions. This can range from dedicating time for research to rolling up my sleeves and setting up advertising. It also means aligning with the tech teams during implementation projects. I love the variety and autonomy of the role, as well as knowing that I'm making an impact.

No two days are the same for me at Randstad Sourceright! Because I’m located in Newcastle, Australia, my schedule is usually dictated by the start and the end of the workday. Sometimes I have early calls with team members or suppliers in the U.S., so I will get up bright and early. But no matter what time I begin, I always start my day with an extra strong English breakfast tea — without it I'm useless!

Throughout the day, my meetings are scattered. I work with account directors regularly to push agenda items forward. I also look for opportunities to share new ideas across teams that are fit for purpose. I'm a big promoter of lifelong learning so I regularly incorporate opportunities for professional self-development too. 

Emily Wilson Randstad Sourcerightcooking up balance 

It’s great working for a company that encourages me to prioritize a healthy work-life balance. Outside of work, I love yoga and pilates. They have been a huge part of getting me through working from home and COVID-19 in general. I have an active social life, so I use exercise as a chance to step back and just check in with myself. In the past, I haven't been great at this, but I have finally cracked the secret!

I also like to cook. Preparing healthy meals gets me away from the computer and gives me a creative outlet for “me time.” Plus, my body and productivity will be thanking me for it the next day!

Ultimately, balancing everything means creating boundaries. To be honest, I compartmentalize a lot and that really helps. I recommend having a set bedtime during the week and not checking emails after a certain hour so you can switch off properly. Do things that remind you of what's important in life. For me, that's connecting with friends and family, and spending quality time with them. It’s important to remember that none of us are machines. We are all going through our own personal battles but making time for yourself and talking openly with those we trust helps.

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