World Employer Branding Day: a chance to make real changes.

April 24, 2018 Steven Brand

At the World Employer Branding Day event in Prague this week, we’ll be presenting with one of our clients on how a meticulously crafted and well understood employer value proposition (EVP) can help support an organization in making some fundamental decisions about how they work.

Employer brand has never just been about the pretty pictures. As a tangible, visual and immediate output of a theory, it is easy to understand why the marketing and attraction assets have been such important elements of an employer branding program. They are often designed to stir the emotions, and prove to be capable of doing that with stakeholders and potential candidates.

Long may that continue.

But outputs and impacts can and should be more profound than compelling visuals alone. A well articulated and accurately targeted EVP can truly improve your business — from the experience of every candidate to the financial performance of the entire operation — and its application across the organization should be generous and thorough.

During our afternoon session with Communisis, “A Framework for Fundamental Change to Shape the Future of Customer Communications,” we will spend some time talking through the process steps we followed to uncover, shape and articulate a unique proposition for this complex digital and communications business.

But the meat of the session — and to be frank, where the real interest for attendees will lie — will be when Communisis shares examples of how this proposition, narrative and framework have helped drive some of the major changes the company has undergone over the course of the last year.

I’m not going to share them all here (you should join us in the room to hear firsthand, or get in touch for added insights), but I can say that the range of applications is interesting and informative. Touching on everything from reframing internal communications to developing a refreshed competency framework and aligning disparate cultures, the value of the EVP project (and the work that sits behind it) is not only brought to life, but also highly valued.

One crucial point that I will share with you here: if you are considering any kind of investment in understanding or developing what kind of employer your organization is (whether large, small or somewhere in between), you should also consider every opportunity you might have to put it to work.

Employer brand management is a process that never ends, only iterates. Keep it alive, fresh and relevant by finding ways to make it useful to your organization and the people within it. It will continue having a positive impact for as long as it keeps being used.

To learn more about our session at this year’s World Employer Branding Day, access the agenda. To learn more about employer branding best practices, check out our Insights stream.

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