Thrive Global: leaders must take the lead on self-care.

March 17, 2021 Kim Fahey

For many of us, 2020 will be remembered as the year work and home collided. The year that we learned we could do it all. We could be employees, parents, teachers, IT experts, sourdough bread bakers and more. But it came at a price to our wellness and self-care.

That’s why Kimberly Fahey, senior vice president, global client delivery at Randstad Sourceright, started this year with a new look at herself as one persona. Someone who combined the best of work and play, family and self. To do this, she created a vision board with images that would inspire and motivate her goals.

As a leader, Fahey understands the importance of helping her teams achieve well-being in their personal and professional lives too. That’s why she shared her vision board when discussing the concepts of well-being, self-care and meditation to new hires in January.

“My goal was to show new team members that it’s not only okay to take care of themselves, but that I strongly believe that self-care, mindfulness, and well-being are critical to both my own success and a key component to the success of my teams,” writes Fahey. “I encourage any leader who wants to incorporate mindfulness into their business workflow to have the courage to be vulnerable and share more of themselves with their teams.”

Read more about Fahey’s approach in Thrive Global. You can also visit Randstad Sourceright’s Talent Continuity & COVID-19 Insights stream to get more tips for leading during challenging times.

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