three reasons why you should recruit with YouTube

October 8, 2014

YouTube has become a platform of considerable reach and influence, reaching more adults between the ages of 18 and 34 than any television channel. Companies often spend a lot of time and money developing complex recruitment strategies, but most of them are failing to take advantage of posting a YouTube video. How exactly, then, can YouTube help you in your recruitment process?

talk to the people

As the third most trafficked website, with more than 800 million unique users visiting the site each month, YouTube is huge. Integrated into Google Universal Search, YouTube gives internet users thumbnail views directly on Google, allowing you to broadcast your recruitment message directly to people all over the world.

But YouTube doesn’t just allow you to speak to all the people; it allows you to speak to the right people. The video-sharing site is driven by users wanting to keep watching more videos. Its advanced searchmetrics will identify a user’s preferences and offer material that they are interested in. If users are interested in technology, for example, recruitment videos for careers with Microsoft or Apple are more likely to appear.

easy, quick, and free

Since its creation in February 2005, YouTube has developed enormously, introducing many features and useful tools. For instance, number crunching is easier than ever: the Analytics tab provides free information on the demographics of viewers, audience volumes, and much more, allowing you to fine-tune your recruitment material. What’s more, YouTube is cost-effective and won’t impact recruitment budgets. You can record footage with a cheap camera, it can be uploaded for free, and videos remain available for years. In fact, with free movie editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, you can quickly and easily select material you want and upload it.

a video is worth a lot of words

Above all, YouTube gives you the chance to humanize companies and offer viewers a friendly face. The nature of video is that it stimulates different senses simultaneously through the use of music, sound effects, and visual effects, making it easier to convey emotion. It is no coincidence that many military groups from around the world have posted highly motivational YouTube recruitment videos.

Recruiting videos don’t even have to be explicit in their recruiting objectives. A short video featuring employees involving themselves in a viral trend – doing the Harlem Shake or performing the Ice Bucket Challenge – can say more about the work environment than a speech by the CEO. A friendly YouTube video can attract potential employees and improve a company’s brand image. There’s no better way to share employee experiences, show off company culture, and keep candidates up to date with your department.  

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