the rise of online talent communities and how to effectively leverage them

February 12, 2015


How will employers effectively engage candidates in 2015? With the growing value of talent communities in acquiring and engaging talent, we expect many organizations to more rapidly build these communities this year.

These sites engage a wide spectrum of followers — which may include recruiters, passive and active candidates, past applicants, current and former employees, and other members who help employers find the talent they’re looking for.

However, a major roadblock around talent communities is the work involved. They require significant effort of recruiters and talent managers to actively network, create a channel strategy, and develop relationships and content to keep members engaged and interested in working for the employer. It can be a full-time gig just to keep these communities thriving and in some cases, companies have appointed full-time community managers to manage the whole approach.

5 tips for leveraging online talent communities

    1. develop content: Compelling content is what keeps a talent community thriving. When nurturing your community, develop an effective content strategy to keep members engaged and always coming back.
  2. involve current employees: Your current employees are the best ambassadors to market your brand. Get them interested and engaged in your talent community to further spread the word throughout their networks.

3. be clear on who is the owner: Talent communities can be managed by an individual or by a group. Make sure your organization has a clear strategy on who will develop the community to avoid duplication of work and provide a focused approach.

  4. leverage technology: You don’t have to go it alone. Many technologies exist to automate the community, so make sure you invest in the most appropriate tool for your needs.
  5. consistent communication: Always remember to engage members with regular communication about job openings, company developments, professional news, and other information that interests them.
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