the benefits of RPO: creating flexibility and scalability

September 10, 2014 Doug Edmonds


Organisations in Asia Pacific are in expansion mode, yet many are hamstrung by inefficient and inflexible talent-sourcing functions. These functions cannot effectively handle peaks and troughs and are not adaptable enough to flex with changing conditions.

Fail to plan and plan to fail – that’s a philosophy worth noting for many challenges in business but none more so than workforce planning. Yet for all the talk about distant horizons and mid-to-long-term strategies, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to predict and therefore plan for what will happen next with the global economy. There is still an underlying caution from both economists and employers about what’s around the corner. What does this mean for talent strategies, particularly for sourcing and recruiting?

Part three of our five-part leadership perspective series examines the benefits of RPO's scalable and flexible solutions, and how this can impact your business. 


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Doug Edmonds

Doug has built a 17 year international recruitment and leadership career across Australia, the United Kingdom, and now Asia Pacific. A thought leader in strategic talent acquisition, outsourcing and workforce management, Doug brings in-depth knowledge and expertise to drive strategic development and growth in the APAC region.

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