the 2015 Randstad Award: actionable intelligence to drive your employer brand

April 23, 2015

The world’s largest, independent employer branding research provides localized insights into worker preferences in 23 countries.

How can your employer brand drive better organizational performance and financial results? Your company’s brand has a critical effect on business outcomes, but so does your employer brand. In today’s competitive talent landscape strengthening your employer brand is more important than ever.

When Randstad Sourceright recently surveyed HR leaders around the world about the topic, two-thirds said their ability to attract top talent is good or excellent. To sustain this, more than a third said they planned to invest a great deal more in employer branding than they did five years ago. The data confirms that organizations increasingly see employer branding as critical to attracting, acquiring, and retaining great talent. 

However, that means one-third of respondents rated their employee attraction as fair or poor, indicating a large swath of organizations in need of better employer branding strategies. Unless they can quickly remedy this problem, they potentially could lose out on talent to power business growth.

Brand building is not a quick fix,  it takes commitment to a long-term approach. And one of the most important steps is intelligence gathering – understanding what today’s talent seeks in an employer, the factors that motivate them to stay with or leave an organization, and the market trends influencing their decisions. Understanding the priorities of workers today under-pins any employer brand strategy and approach. 

Collecting this data is onerous: it requires intimate market knowledge and lots of resources. Even after it’s been compiled, the information isn't very useful without expert analysis and guidance on a plan of action. Or, to save a lot of your time, just turn to our 2015 Randstad Award research.

The Randstad Award is the largest global, independent employer branding research, capturing the views of more than 225,000 people in 23 countries that represent 75% of the global economy. Conducted by the ICMA Group, an independent research firm, the Randstad Award gauges the preferences and perception of potential workers in these nations. It helps employers around the world to better understand the key driver and attributes in attracting workers and create a stronger employer brand. 

From identifying the values that make an employer desirable to highlighting gender and generational differences in motivating workers, through to expert interpretation of regional data and industry sector comparisons, our research is the most piercing look at worker perception today. 

Especially useful is individual country data that you can leverage to win the war for talent on a local level. While many global organizations look to build a consistent global brand, employers should always build brand messaging that resonates with their local audience, and our research reveals worker preferences can differ from market to market – giving you unique insight on how to formulate a global to local approach, or as we say, ‘glocalise’ your brand. Not only does our research reveal what motivates talent, but also how best to reach them through different social media channel.

The Randstad Award of course identifies the most attractive large employers in each of the 23 countries, which also guides you on building a successful employer brand strategy if your company isn’t among the top finishers. By examining the attributes and efforts undertaken by the winners, you’ll understand how to be effective in your own approach to brand building. 

Best of all, this year’s report makes it simple for you to make sense of the data with a summary section explaining the impact on brand perception of an improving global economy, the role of social media, and factors affecting employment mobility. 

Overall, the global report provides a great overview of worker attitudes, but you can get a further drill-down of how your organization matches up against industry competitors, similarly sized businesses, and other peer organizations. When requesting your report, simply ask for one of our experts to provide a complementary analysis of how your brand stacks up against others in your local market. Understanding the strength of your employer brand in the context of your local market will certainly guide you in a clearer direction.

Over the next few weeks, we will announce the global winners of the Randstad Award. For a list of individual country winners, click here. We encourage you to stay tuned to find out how these employers are successfully building their brand in a crowded marketplace and how you, too, can leverage our research, insights, and advice to become a stand-out employer and magnet for talent. 

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