Staffing Stream: target programmers using your employer brand.

September 1, 2017 James Foley

As demand for technical talent consistently rises, employers not only face the challenge of scarcity when recruiting, but also in making a lasting connection with candidates to help their company stand out from the competition.

In “How Can You Target Programmers Using Your Employer Brand?” James Foley, senior vice president, employer branding for the Randstad Sourceright global Talent Innovation Center, provides four tips for attracting candidates with technical skills for hard-to-fill roles. Read his recent article in Staffing Stream to understand how effective storytelling, personalization, employee advocacy and relationship building can help make a lasting impression on in-demand talent.

“As expert storytellers, strategic detail sourcers and data geeks all wrapped into one, your employer branding team can help you to identify the messages that matter most to attract and engage this niche talent.”

Access the full article here, then learn more about how an employer branding strategy can help you differentiate in the race for top talent.

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