leveraging the power of the human cloud

February 12, 2015

A significant driver of change in the world of work today is the near-daily evolution of technology.

A clear example is the high adoption of the cloud, where data is no longer locked to a single place but accessible anywhere, anytime. This empowers organizations and teams to share, collaborate, grow their knowledge, and execute with speed.

Before the expansion of the cloud, most companies were structured in silos — making it difficult for them to access information on customers or even their own employees, whose data may exist across multiple systems. Although many organizations are still limited by such an infrastructure, a growing number are leveraging cloud technologies to upgrade their CRM and ERP systems.

As a result of improved integration and greater visibility, employers are better able to align their workforce and, for instance, organize teams by customers or by products.

5 tips for leveraging the power of the cloud

    1. enable collaboration: The cloud enables professionals to access data anywhere they are, removing silos and walls. Ensure your organization is technically equipped to support collaboration and new and emerging flexible modes of work. 

  2. seek business process efficiency: Cloud-based collaboration and technology have the potential to improve any business process. Have you reviewed where it can impact your business inputs and outputs?


3. revolutionize collaboration across time zones and functional boundaries: Collaborating in the cloud is a great way to share work with colleagues anywhere around the world. Look for opportunities to create cross-border and cross-functional teams to accelerate creativity and innovation in solving business challenges or creating new products and services. 


  4. drive employee and customer engagement: Investing in the right suite of cloud technologies transforms faceless phone conversations into co-creation in a dynamic online environment — positively impacting interaction, collaboration and engagement, while saving time and travel costs.

  5. secure the access: Corporate data security should be a top priority in your cloud strategy. After a string of well-publicized hacks around the world, it’s better to put the right measures in place to manage data security and educate your teams on company policies and practices.

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