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July 2, 2019

did you know:

  • It’s estimated that 1.4m employees lack skills proficiency in the U.K. How is your organisation keeping pace with skills transformation and development?
  • One third of the U.K. workforce will be over 50 by 2020. How are you future -proofing your workforce?  
  • According to our talent trends research, 84% of employers in the U.K. say talent scarcity is one of their leaders' top concerns. How will you beat talent scarcity to deliver critical skills to your business?

As your business navigates today’s highly dynamic market, it’s clear people, more than ever, are your differentiator. Facing digital transformation, skills scarcity, legislative restraints and shifting talent preferences, you must answer the C-suite’s call for greater talent expertise with more ingenuity. But with talent demand across the U.K. at its highest level in decades, a traditional workforce strategy won’t offer the flexibility and agility needed to advance your business outcomes. Employing contingent talent is one answer, but how do you choose the work arrangement right for you? How can you get access to flexible talent in a timely manner? And how can you do so in a risk-minimised, compliant way?

Consulting Talent solutions.All your answers can be found in Randstad Sourceright’s Consulting Talent service, an alternative workforce solution which helps you determine and acquire the best flexible talent for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for one employee or a full Statement of Work (SOW) deployment, our Consulting Talent team will undertake a full discovery of your business requirements to help determine the appropriate skills needed, tap into nurtured talent pools and deploy the right qualified professionals to deliver value in your organisation.

The solution removes any risks to you because every professional placed with your organisation is employed by Randstad Sourceright, eliminating concerns around IR35 and other labour regulations. To bring even greater value to your workplace with an immediate talent injection, all Randstad Sourceright consultants are sourced, interviewed, trained, coached and supported by our expert team. This frees you up to focus on value-added tasks and the critical work that needs to get done.

enable a holistic talent strategy.

Randstad Sourceright’s Consulting Talent solution supports a holistic approach to workforce resourcing by providing access to a flexible and growing skills pool. With more workers joining the ranks of the freelance economy, companies need to make sure they can leverage skills across all work arrangements. Independent talent is therefore fast becoming a core component of an organisation’s strategic agenda to get ahead of market challenges and the regulatory shifts in the U.K. Our bespoke Consulting Talent offering, along with our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed services programs (MSP) and integrated talent solutions, gives you a wide variety of options to fit your talent acquisition needs.

access a wider talent pool.

You will have access and opportunity to create your own wider pool of talent from a greater range of backgrounds, experience and capabilities to fuel innovation and drive business impact. Focusing on workforce diversity and inclusion, Randstad Sourceright is dedicated to helping you build successful teams while helping great talent find meaningful work. For example, we provide caregivers, such as returning mothers, with the training and resources they need to develop skills and return to the workforce. We offer full pastoral care and well-being support to ensure talent is engaged, ready for employment and supported throughout their assignment with you.

future proof your workforce.

To ensure your workforce of the future has the right skills to deliver on the business demands of both today and tomorrow, we are also bring expertise and support in developing early years talent. Our Consulting Talent solution will deliver increased value to your trainee, graduate and apprenticeship talent needs through bespoke career management programs, allowing you to grow, develop and engage this talent where you need it most.

minimise risk.

The risk management advantage is clear: Randstad Sourceright is the employer of record for the professionals deployed within your company, mitigating any employment risks. Even with the application of IR35 regulations now expanded to include both private and public sector organisations, you can turn to this talent service to operate freely without being concerned with regulatory burdens. Furthermore, when your assignment ends, the talent remains employed by Randstad Sourceright so a notice period is not required, there are no concerns about unfair termination claims and no separation payments are needed.

accelerate talent agility.

Consultants, professionals and teams can be provided on a daily or longer basis with the same flexibility as hiring independent contractors - but without the risk. By treating them as an extension of your permanent talent, you can freely form cross-functional, highly collaborative teams that will have a positive impact on your work environment and culture. Because these professionals are permanent members of Randstad Sourceright, they are highly engaged, and have greater organisational and team experience. By using this agile partnership approach, our Consulting Talent solution delivers innovative, just-in-time talent to strengthen the rest of your workforce.

As employees of Randstad Sourceright, our consulting talent receive a competitive offer and employee benefits, in addition to continuous learning and development support through our People & Talent Community functions. With employment opportunities from across our base of blue-chip, local and international clients, they will bring multi-faceted experience across business critical and transformational projects. Our program therefore creates additional business value and produces savings for you by assuming all training, development, employee wellbeing and pastoral care for the consultants. And because we manage this critical source of talent, we will actively look for redeployment opportunities within your organisation to accelerate business impact through knowledge and IP retention.

get complete visibility.

Employers often struggle with complete visibility of their workforce. Backed by an integrated talent analytics platform, our Consulting Talent solution provides a turnkey model for tracking deployed talent and their performance and contribution to your business. This enables you to operate with a highly vigilant governance model with on-demand reporting.

access engaged talent.

It’s not enough to acquire talent. You need people who are engaged and ready to advance your company’s mission through discovery and innovation. Our consulting talent are nurtured by Randstad’s promise of transparency, guidance and proactivity – supportive elements they seek in an employer. By fulfilling their professional and personal needs, our consultants are fully engaged and committed to delivering their best work to your business.

start by answering the right business questions.

  • Do you know the cost to your business everyday that a vacancy remains unfilled?start by answering the right business questions.
  • How are delays in delivering business projects impacting market share and competitive advantage?
  • How can you access a wider community of flexible talent with the skills and capabilities to strategically impact business deliverables and the experience of your customers?
  • How can you meet the needs of changing worker preferences where flexibility and multi-employer experience is the norm?


As an extension of your business, Randstad Sourceright’s Consulting Talent team can help you get ahead of business demands and the ever-changing world of talent. Our Consulting Talent solution is an agile, scalable and risk-free way to access and build the flexible talent your organisation needs.

begin to realise the unique benefits of consulting talent for your business.

Here’s a summary of what is available to you:

  • flexible talent provision across a wide variety of skill-sets, capabilities and experience, including, but not limited to, IT and business change project skills, business operations, technology and sciences, digital and design, compliance and legal, and finance
  • integration with existing staffing services to accelerate recruitment and business outcomes
  • mitigation of regulatory risks and compliance (IR35/AWR)
  • cost-effective skills delivered on demand across your talent needs from single or multiple requisitions to deploying full statement of work (SOW) teams
  • reduced burden of talent administration and management - we manage the development, support and coaching of all talent to deliver on what your business needs now and into the future
  • accelerated business impact and delivery of critical project on time through team-based value outcomes 
  • full visibility of activities including cost, scope and continuous improvement under the SOW
  • an end-to-end talent solution that increases your workforce agility and ensures you can stay one step ahead with a future-proof workforce for today’s competitive business environment


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