integrated MSP case study: speed onboarding with market intelligence and a direct hire strategy.

May 7, 2021

insurance company fills 75% more roles in less time with a holistic integrated managed services program

insurance company faces expanded hiring needs

At the start of 2020, the property and casualty insurance business unit of a large U.S.-based insurance company recognized a need for additional high-quality contingent customer service representatives across three of its locations in the United States. With a pressing need to scale quickly without sacrificing talent quality to accommodate its growing business, the company turned to its trusted managed services provider (MSP), Randstad Sourceright, to optimize hiring for these critical, customer-facing roles. Traditionally these roles were filled with contingent talent only.

direct hiring strategy positions client for long-term success

As a loyal partner and trusted advisor to the insurance company for nearly a decade, Randstad Sourceright first examined the client’s needs at a strategic level. With an intrinsic understanding of the company’s business objectives, its existing staffing environment and current market conditions, the MSP discovered a way to expand the existing integrated managed service program to better support longer-term goals and deliver sustainable success.

The contingent staff does not generally require prior licensing; they receive on-the-job training during a 12-week onboarding process. Using Randstad Market Insights, Randstad Sourceright recognized that many of the contingent hires eventually converted to permanent roles. As a result, the MSP expanded to include direct hires, whereby licensed customer service reps were sourced and hired directly through the integrated managed services program, reducing the onboarding time to just four weeks.

And with the constraints of on-site, location-specific hiring practices removed due to a COVID-forced remote workplace, Randstad Sourceright was able to tap into an infinitely larger talent pool to source higher quality talent in a much shorter period of time.

As the integrated MSP engagement evolved, the team partnered with the client to create additional game-changing efficiencies that included:

  • an automated scheduling system that eliminated the time-consuming back-and-forth of multiple email exchanges
  • a calendarized approach to hiring contingent staff throughout the year to support a more proactive staffing approach
  • a highly specific phone-screen interview template that ensures only the top candidates are presented to the hiring manager
  • a recruiting tracker that manages and communicates relevant details about each candidate to foster more efficient collaboration

This holistic approach to workforce planning ensures the client gets high talent in place quickly so they can deliver consistently great customer service to their customers.

fully integrated approach delivers more hires in less time

By blending contingent and direct hires in its integrated MSP, and opening up roles to remote positions during times of COVID, the insurance company filled more roles in a shorter period of time with superior talent.

With this holistic approach, the client benefits from:

  • a significant boost in staff, with 129 contingent and direct hires in 2020, up from 73 contingent-only hires in 2019
  • significant cost savings over a six-month period with direct hires that bypass the contingent staffing stage
  • a 92% direct hire retention rate
  • improved time-to-fill from 20 days in 2019 to just 10 days in 2020
  • a customer net promoter score (NPS) of 60 compared to an industry average of 28, and a talent NPS of 55 compared to an industry average of 35

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How can an integrated managed services program help you plan your workforce more intelligently and holistically? Learn more about integrated MSP here.

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