innovation and technology critical to reach top talent

November 3, 2016

Innovation is available in many forms, and when it comes to talent, there’s no shortage of innovative ways for organizations to acquire and manage their human capital

Certainly technology has been the focus for many organizations, but companies are also investing in business transformation initiatives and outsourcing to reinvent their back offices. In fact, most respondents say they are committing adequate amounts of investment in innovation.

Human capital leaders also realize they can do more. Most of those surveyed believe competitors are outspending them when it comes to talent innovation. Over time, this type of investment will be critical to effectively reaching top talent by enhancing attraction, engagement and retention of workers. If they don’t keep up with the competition, they may eventually be at a disadvantage.

Human capital leaders also told us how their money is being spent — in cloud services, recruitment tools, analytics and many others.

Three takeaways

  1. Choosing the right investments will become more difficult for companies as the number of solutions in the marketplace exponentially grows
  2. To aid human capital leaders in the process, consultants with a strong technological background should lead the way
  3. Growing talent scarcity may force employers to consider raising their investment levels to acquire hard-to-find talent

You can access all of this and more by downloading the Talent Intelligence Outlook Report.




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