HRO Today: a diversity boost.

September 1, 2020 Audra Jenkins

Research has shown that businesses with diverse workforces outperform their competitors when it comes to profitability. It is important for companies to create an inclusive hiring process to attract diverse talent and build an inclusive workplace culture that nurtures them.

To achieve this, organizations need to know where and how to source diverse candidates. Instead of “posting and praying” for diverse candidates to apply for roles, Audra Jenkins, chief diversity and inclusion officer for Randstad US, recommends that talent acquisition teams adopt a “hunting and gathering” mindset. This allows them to actively source and engage with diverse candidates.

Jenkins also believes that organizations need to have a diverse hiring team that brings an unbiased lens to the recruiting process. “Make sure you have a diverse team that’s looking for diverse perspectives. That also helps the organization be more relatable to diverse talent.”

Read the full article in HRO Today for more tips on using different screening strategies, technology and data to build an inclusive hiring process. You can also watch the on-demand webinar, “Inclusive leadership during times of crisis,” to learn more about building inclusive workplaces during today’s challenging — and often remote — work environments.

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Audra Jenkins

As chief diversity and inclusion officer, Jenkins spearheads initiatives both within and outside of our organization. She not only advances diversity and inclusion among internal employees, she also partners with customers as they work to achieve their own diversity goals. Jenkins firmly believes that diversity and inclusion must be woven into every aspect of the talent life cycle to attract quality candidates, enhance employee engagement and drive performance. She brings more than 20 years of human resources, diversity and compliance experience, along with a passion for advocating on behalf of underserved populations. She is the executive sponsor for Randstad’s Hire Hope program, which provides career readiness training and job placement services to at-risk women, including survivors of exploitation and trafficking.

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