HR is the new marketing

February 2, 2015

Today’s high-impact HR functions are no longer the guardians of purely administrative tasks. HR leaders are rapidly adopting measurement strategies to enable efficiency, effectiveness and business alignment — providing the insight and support to shape a high-performance business and people strategy.

Key to teamwork is finding the right diversity of people and ideas that complement each other. So to do that, HR needs to get into the minds of candidates. And today’s candidates are thinking and acting more and more like consumers. For HR leaders, they must manage a complex “product” comprising culture, environment, and reward elements in a highly competitive business setting. To guide the strategic development of the employer value proposition, HR has to embrace the same sort of tools used for decades by marketing.

5 tips on adopting a marketing approach to attracting talent

    1. have a cohesive plan: Just as a great marketer has a good strategy and plan, today’s talent acquisition leader also needs a structured and measurable approach.

  2. develop the message: Go to market with a clear message and well-defined employee value proposition. If candidates aren’t sure what you stand for and what you offer, they’re less likely to engage with you.

  3. identify the right channels: Once you have a clear message, it’s time to consider how to get it in front of your target audiences. Is it social media, direct digital outreach, talent communities, or other avenues? Know which channels best resonate with each segment of your target audience.

  4. content is king: Marketing today is driven by content. It engages, it nurtures, and it promotes. Make sure your content reflects your value proposition and is relevant and timely for the audience.

  5. measure and revise: If a certain channel or message doesn’t work, try another. Continuously assess how and where you are marketing your employer brand to have the desired business impact on attraction, engagement, and retention.

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