HR Dive: to recruit women, companies must deliver on their values.

March 22, 2019 Rebecca Henderson

The increasing number of female candidates in the workforce are changing the game. Not only are they looking for pay equity, but they’re also interested in working for companies with a higher purpose. That includes championing diversity, inclusion and gender equality.
But it’s not enough to just talk about it. Employers must clearly demonstrate the value they put on the hiring and advancement of women and people of color through their workplace programs and policies. “One of the ways we demonstrate our dedication at Randstad Sourceright is through the mentorship programs we offer,” says CEO Rebecca Henderson. “We know that a commitment to diversity ... boosts both performance and innovation.”
Work-life balance is also an especially important factor for women deciding where to work. Female employees want to know that they are empowered to enjoy full and successful lives – without experiencing guilt or fear about their family and career decisions.
Read Henderson’s article in HR Dive for the whole story, and get additional insights on how a diversity and inclusion strategy can drive innovation at your company.

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Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is CEO of Randstad Global Businesses and executive board member of Randstad. In this core leadership role, Rebecca brings more than 20 years of experience in all facets of talent acquisition solutions and technology. With deep insights and progressive perspectives, Rebecca steers Randstad Global Business’ development to ensure human capital leaders can play a strategic role in driving growth locally, across regions and globally. Rebecca is a highly regarded leader in the talent management field and has been recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts in “The Global Power 100 Hall of Fame.”

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