HR Dive: preparing for change? train your leaders.

November 14, 2018 Cindy Keaveney

The changes in society, technology and the world of work are both rapid and constant. It takes a certain mindset to be able to embrace these changes and thrive in response to shifting conditions and priorities. Being prepared for what lies ahead is a critical component of an agile workforce strategy.

Creating a growth-minded culture that’s built on learning can help employees deal with fluctuations in business strategy, technology-enabled processes and workplace expectations. Transparency and communication are essential in setting the right tone, helping to usher in change without unnecessary apprehension. The key lies in having leaders who are adaptable and responsive, and can inspire the same behaviors in others.

"Leaders can empower individuals and teams by fostering an environment of creativity and experimentation, encouraging employees to learn through mistakes and failures, and positioning teams to problem solve and deliver," says Cindy Keaveney, chief people officer at Randstad Sourceright. In some organizations, employees might need formal training to succeed in an evolving workplace.

Keaveney recommends that organizations help their people build the skills needed to "collaborate more extensively, expect continual change, follow ideas, seek different perspectives, and broaden experiences and competencies." Read additional tips from Keaveney in HR Dive. Then learn how Randstad Sourceright empowers career success among our workforce.

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Cindy Keaveney

Cindy Keaveney is a leading business and human capital executive with more than 30 years of experience transforming organizations by building high-performing teams that produce profitable growth, develop industry-leading products and create corporate strategies in complex, changing environments. As the leader of Randstad Sourceright’s global HR team, Cindy ensures that the best strategies are in place to deliver a stand-out talent experience for all of our people. This encompasses driving best practices and new approaches when it comes to talent acquisition, talent management, engagement and development, and further enabling cross-cultural collaboration and talent mobilization.

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