HR Dive: allowing employees to be their authentic selves.

December 8, 2020 Floss Aggrey

After years of employee requests, and most recently, a formal petition, United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) has changed its long-standing appearance guidelines. The company now allows a “wider array” of hairstyles, facial hair and “other personal appearance preferences.” Many natural hairstyles that were previously banned are considered inherent to Black identity.

This change comes several months after UPS welcomed CEO Carol Tomé, the first woman to lead the company in its 113-year history. It also follows legal action by the CROWN (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Coalition, resulting in the creation of the CROWN Act.

Seven states have signed a version of the CROWN Act. The Act (HR 5309) has passed through the House of Representatives and is awaiting Senate action. Meanwhile, employers like UPS have learned that allowing people “to be their authentic selves” works in their favor and helps encourage employee referrals.

Floss Aggrey, vice president of diversity and inclusion at Randstad Sourceright, echoes the importance of embracing the whole person, especially during COVID-19. “At Randstad, our executive leadership team is prompting us to be more authentic about how we feel,” she said. “If your basic needs are not being met, it becomes that much more stressful to have to put on a mask.”

Read the full article in HR Dive to learn more about the CROWN Act and the acceptance of natural hair textures and hair types. You can also visit Randstad Sourceright’s diversity and inclusion Insights stream for the latest in workplace diversity news and trends.

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As the Sr. Director Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion at Randstad Sourceright, Aggrey is a professional thought leader effectively managing Human Resources, Compliance and Diversity functions for over 10 years in a multitude of specialized areas to include finance, insurance and banking. Passion for expanding the compliance and diversity knowledge of our internal teams as well as our clients to exceed their Compliance, Diversity and any related Human Resources goals and objectives.

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