how secure is your candidate data?

February 12, 2015

With the rapid evolution of technology and social media, questions around data privacy are being raised.

Today, a tremendous amount of candidate information is available through public and semi-public forums, and how employers and recruiters access and retain this data is a growing concern for many regulators. Compliance with data protection laws in different countries is an especially challenging task because it’s not always clear which mandates apply.

With algorithms increasingly assisting companies to dive into big data for their recruitment efforts, it’s critical to understand who owns the data on social media websites and how it can be used in the hiring process. Because data leakage can occur inadvertently or through misaligned activities, companies must consider the legal ramifications and any adverse impact it may have on their employer brand.

5 tips for complying with data protection mandates 

    1. locate your data: As simple as that sounds, globalization and the proliferation of the cloud actually makes locating where data is deposited a complicated task. Knowing where it resides helps to clarify which regulations must be observed.

  2. know the laws: Even when jurisdictions are clear, the applicable regulations may still be fuzzy. What kind of data, how it is used, who has access, and other considerations will determine the mandates you must follow.


3. respect the owners: With so much data in the cloud, recruiters and employers may feel anything in the public domain may be fair game. However, just because a candidate’s information is readily available doesn’t mean he or she has agreed to its use. Always consider how candidates may view your use of their information.


  4. ensure robust protection: Owning any kind of worker data also means assuming a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard it robustly. Make sure your organization has adequate processes and protection in place.

  5. track access: Make sure you know who is accessing your data and why. Being vigilant will protect your company, your employees, and customers. Develop clear policies that prevent misuse and abuse of data.

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