Fast Company: reskilling workers now more urgent than ever.

February 25, 2021 Wesley Connor

The digital pivot necessitated by COVID-19 has made workforce gaps increasingly evident. As the labor market continues to evolve, more workers risk being left behind if they can’t acquire the digital skills that are needed for the future of work.

According to the latest Workmonitor survey released by Randstad, 40% of workers think they have yet to acquire the necessary skills to remain relevant in today’s digital age. And while the majority of companies (90%) agree that they should be responsible for reskilling employees, only 20% of businesses have training programs in place.

Wesley Connor, VP of global learning and development for Randstad, offers strategies to help close the skills gap: incorporating reskilling as an outplacement service; engaging governments to provide low- or no-cost education; and focusing on the digital specialties that are driving business forward, such as AI, machine learning and data analytics.

“It is imperative that both companies and governments take responsibility for ensuring that all workers, regardless of whether they are employed or out of work, are always being equipped with the most in-demand skills they need now and in the future,” writes Connor.

Read the full article in Fast Company to learn how you can help ensure future employability of workers. You can get tips for upskilling employees quickly to meet immediate needs in Connor’s article, “Upskilling in a hurry.

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