Austin Business Journal: attracting women to the tech industry.

September 2, 2019 Rebecca Henderson

Competition for tech talent is tight and the city of Austin certainly has a lot to offer. Unless, you’re a woman. Because the gender gap here is as wide as the Texas sky.
But it’s not just Austin. It’s a recurring theme in the tech industry overall. Women earn 50% of science and engineering bachelor’s degrees, yet they remain underrepresented in those disciplines. Which is unfortunate, because research shows that companies that invest in building diverse workforces and inclusive workplaces tend to outperform their competitors.
It’s important for employers to realize that the gender gap is not just about a fair paycheck, paid family leave and flexible hours. It’s also about women wanting to work for companies that have a higher purpose and share their values. That includes the desire to build a more equitable society and create a welcoming workplace for the generations of women that will follow.
“One of the ways we demonstrate our dedication at Randstad Sourceright is through the mentorship programs we offer,” says Rebecca Henderson, CEO of Randstad Sourceright. “By pairing more senior male and female executives with early to mid-career women, we have noticed a lasting impact on the career trajectory of our female employees.”
Check out Henderson’s article in the Austin Business Journal for additional insights on how the tech industry can attract and develop women at work. You can also learn more strategies in our diversity and inclusion Insights stream.

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Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is CEO of Randstad Sourceright. Rebecca brings more than 20 years’ experience in all facets of talent acquisition solutions and technology. With deep insights and progressive perspectives, Rebecca steers Randstad Sourceright’s global development to ensure HR and talent leaders can play a strategic role in driving growth locally, across regions, and globally. Rebecca is a highly regarded leader in the talent management field and was most recently recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts in “The Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing” list.

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