Business Vancouver: HR has a seat at the C-suite table.

May 15, 2018 Jean-François Vezina

Jean-François Vezina, a Montreal native with over a decade of HR experience, was recently appointed as the first Canada-based executive on Randstad Sourceright’s leadership team. Business Vancouver sat down with Vezina to talk about his views on the HR industry. Highlights follow:

Aligning talent strategy with business objectives: “We do see the presence of HR at the table at the C-suite level. Today, we see where there will be a CHRO [chief human resources officer] within organizations too.”

Today’s biggest HR challenges: “The notion of the employee has changed [from the traditional full time employee]. Whether it’s contingent workers or contractors or consultants, any type of talent touching the organization becomes much more important. [The challenge comes in] which part of your workforce will you always have, and which part of your workforce do you add based on what you need to achieve?”

The HR industry in Canada: “One of the opportunities, when it comes to Canada, is although we aren’t the first movers, there is potential to learn faster from what is being done in other countries and implement those practices faster.”

The full interview is available here. You can also read more about Jean-François and his new role in this recent press release.

About the Author

Jean-François Vezina

Jean-François Vezina is the executive vice president for Randstad Sourceright, where he oversees the Canadian sales operations and works to help organizations restructure, develop and expand their talent procurement practices. With more than 11 years of experience in the staffing and HR solutions industry, Jean-François specializes in total talent management and integrated talent solutions that empower organizations to implement and achieve a holistic view of their talent strategy for both their permanent and contingent workforces.

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